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  • Snack vegetable seeds in a planter

    Great idea for time with friends: your own veggies!Avail. in natural and 3 colors. L 28cm x W 11cm

    14,95 €
  • Pine Bonsai Seeds to Sow and Grow at Home - Exotic Plants & Seeds of the World

    Discover the joys of the Japanese Bonsai Hobby with these Exotic Pine Seeds

    4,50 €
  • Louisiana Cotton Plant seed pack Louisiana Cotton Plant seed pack
    Online only
    Sachet of Levant cotton seeds

    Where does cotton come from? Your own home! Cotton seeds are easy to sow and will grow in a sunny garden.

    4,50 €
  • Organic pink oyster mushrooms growing kit

    Growing oysters at home is easy and quick, taking only a few days. Using our mushroom grow kit you'll grow 2 - 3 kg of rose oyster mushroom over 5 harvests. Our bag produces 2 to 3 times more than competing grow bags. [PRE-ORDER NOW - FOR DELIVERY MID-FEBRUARY]

    19,95 €
  • Pink fun pot and strawberry growing kit for DIY gardening at home

    Sow seeds strawberry pot and at home, it? S possible to grow its own as a great strawberries. The bell jar concentrates the sunlight and promotes germination and growth .

    6,95 €
  • White Ceramic Pot and Clover Bulbs to Grow Your Own Luck

    It's quick and easy to cultivate your own lucky 4-leaf clovers with this kit from Radis & Capucine. The decorative, white ceramic pot and clovers make a perfect table gift for weddings and celebrations

    5,50 €
  • Edible Nasturtium Seeds

    Nasturtiums are a colourful and unusual way to pep up your salads, starters and desserts. This bag of edible nasturtium seeds from Radis et Capucine will produce flowers right through the summer season. We've also included a cookery book by Chef Bernard Garotin that is filled with tasty nasturtium recipes.

    4,50 €
  • Organic yellow oyster mushrooms growing kit

    Want yellow oyster mushrooms? Organic oyster mushrooms? This variety of oyster mushrooms grows as easily as its cousin the classic gray oyster mushroom but brings a touch of originality to your table. 2.5 kg of mushrooms produces up to 5 harvests. Our 2.5kg bag produces 2 to 3 times more than competing products. [PRE-ORDER ? RECEIVING ORDERS FOR MUSHROOMS...

    19,95 €
  • Lavender seeds to germinate, great for culinary use!

    Lavender seeds to sow, with recipe so you can cook with lavender!

    4,50 €
  • Sachet of edible hop seeds

    Hops seeds ready for you to sow, with an original recipe.

    4,50 €
  • Corn salad seed pack

    Grow your own corn salad, recipe included

    2,25 € 4,50 € -50%
  • Greenhouse frame for planting flower seeds

    Your garden flowers frame ready for planting!

    29,95 €
  • Organic seeds of vegetables - Set 3 ceramic pots

    Decorate the kitchen with organic fruits in this ceramic set

    20,96 € 29,95 € -30%
  • 2 Morning Glory Vine seed bomb pellets

    Morning Glory power to help cities bloom

    3,95 €
  • Bird of Paradise Strelitzia seeds

    Strelitzia Flower - from the Caribbean to you. Discover the beauty of the majestic Bird of Paradise plant.

    4,50 €
  • 4 leaf clover in a terracotta growing pot

    A 4 leaf clover in an attractive pot 4 is THE gift to give!

    3,95 €
  • Senegal Baobab Tree Seed pack

    Grow a Senegal Baobab Tree in your own home

    4,50 €
  • Sachet of Ginkgo Biloba seeds

    Discover a legendary tree, the Ginkgo biloba.

    4,50 €
  • Sachet of China tea plant seeds

    The tea leaves you can grow at home!

    4,50 €
  • Packet of coffee tree seeds

    Sow your own coffee seeds!

    4,50 €
  • Greenhouse frame aromatic plants

    Herb seeds. Sow in your greenhouse frame to obtain aromatic plants.

    29,95 €
  • A yellow skull with a grass head of hair

    A plant pot in the shape of a yellow skull. It?s a funny and unusual decorative item for the home. It?s so easy to grow grass hair in the skull in just a few days.

    4,95 €
  • Organic grey oyster mushrooms growing kit

    Grow your own mushrooms in a few days at home ready to grow kit. You'll have 2 to 3 kg of oyster mushrooms over 5 harvests. [PRE-ORDER TO RECEIVE YOUR ORDER IN MID-FEBRUARY]

    19,95 €
  • Fun message Growing kit : Cocktail time with peanut seeds

    Don't come empty-handed! Great party gift. 6 cm diameter.

    4,95 €
  • 8cm white ceramic pot with organic dwarf sunflower

    Start beautiful sunflowers indoors with this easy to use planting kit from Radis et Capucine. After replanting to the garden or balcony it will grow into the delightful yellow flower that we all love.

    5,50 €
  • 1kg Bag White Peat

    White peat for seeds, cuttings and acid loving plants

    6,95 €
  • Cherry tomato seeds for a pocket garden!

    Pocket-sized cherry tomato growing kit, with seeds: Just unfold, add water and sow the seeds!

    4,95 €
  • Cherry tomato seeds with pot

    Cherry tomato seeds and 6cm pot from Radis et Capucine. All you need to grow delicious tomatoes at home.

    3,95 €
  • Plastic greenhouse for herbs and aromatic plants.

    Aromatic plants and herbs all summer, it's fast! Greenhouse with 6 pots (6cm) + earth + seeds.

    10,95 €
  • White ceramic pot, 8cm, and certified organic tomato seeds

    Cherry tomatoes are the ideal snack on their own or the perfect accompaniment for a salad. Now you can grow your own so you?ll have plenty to last you through the summer. This planting kit and decorative white ceramic pot from Radis et Capucine are all you need to ensure healthy seedlings in the early days. Then just repot and wait for your first crop!

    5,50 €
  • Post-game with hops seeds

    Party gift for football and rugby fans. Diameter: 6cm

    4,95 €
  • Seeds of cacti to grow at home

    Mixed packet of cacti seed to grow at home. Another great idea from Radis et Capucine. Water regularly and keep in a warm place and your cactus plants will thrive.

    4,50 €
  • Perlite; 600 gram bag

    Perlite for use in improving and aerating the soil.

    6,95 €
  • Sachet of Canary Island date palm seeds

    Canary Island palm tree: grow a piece of paradise at home!

    4,50 €
  • A green skull ready for a hair-raising experience

    A plant pot in the shape of a skull that will certainly get your visitors talking, if it doesn?t spook them speechless first. Sow the grass seed in the pot and grow this death?s head some grass hair that you can trim in any way you like. Great fun for goths, teens and anyone else who enjoys a touch of graveyard humour.

    4,95 €
  • White ceramic pot, 8cm, and poppy seeds

    These lovely poppies will grow with just a little care in the white ceramic pot provided with this complete planting kit. After repotting in a larger pot, your poppy will quickly grow on the balcony or in the garden.

    5,50 €
  • Pocket garden kit to grow Basil for the home

    Create your pocket garden with this collapsible pot and Basil seeds. Just unfold the pot, add water and sow your seeds! Simple!

    4,95 €
  • Terracotta 6 cm pots for seedlings and plants

    An essential buy for gardeners, terracotta 6cm pots in a lot of 30. Can be used for the first stage of seed germination or to transplant seedlings for the next stage of growth. Ideal for use in schools where children can use them for simple gardening projects.

    16,50 €
  • You can grow wild garlic for cooking

    Every part of the wild garlic plant can be eaten, including the flowers, leaves, buds, stems and bulbs. Now you can grow this remarkable plant at home thanks to these seeds from Radis et Capucine. The irresistible taste of garlic adds a little spice to flavour salads, soups, meats, vegetables ...

    4,95 €
  • Herbs in a Window Box

    Grow herbs on your balcony! Planter available in three colors. 28 cm long x 11 cm wide

    14,95 €
  • 6 pots Gardening greenhouse kit

    Everything for gardening with children: A MUST HAVE Greenhouse with 6 pots (6cm) + soil + seeds.

    11,95 €
  • Grow your own edible violet flowers with this pack of seeds

    Pack of violet seeds for decoration and culinary uses in the kitchen. Pretty, mauve violet flowers on these biennual plants provide a lovely splash of colour in gardens and on balconies

    4,50 €
  • Sachet of olive tree seeds

    Show your friends how much you care by giving them small olive trees! Sow these seeds indoors and grow a small gift symbolic of peace.

    4,50 €
  • Chile Sphagnum Moss; 150 gram bag

    Chile sphagnum moss with high water retention capacity.

    7,95 €
  • Flower seeds in plastic greenhouse

    Want flowers on your balcony? Grow some this year! Greenhouse with 6 pots (6 cm) + soil + seeds

    11,95 €
  • Vermiculite; 500 gram bags

    Vermiculite to aerate soil.

    6,95 €
  • White ceramic pot, 8 cm, with daisy seeds

    The simple but delicately beautiful daisy is a delightful meadow flower. Now it can begin its life with you, thanks to this planting kit and decorative white ceramic pot. After being re-potted in a larger pot or planted in the garden, it will return every year. We love this kit a little, a lot, passionately...

    5,50 €
  • White Ceramic Pot with Dwarf Nasturtium Seeds to Germinate

    Germinate these Dwarf Nasturtium seeds in the white ceramic pot provided and enjoy cascades of colourful blooms throughout summer

    5,50 €
  • Soup vegetable seeds with ceramic bowls

    Do you love a warm bowl of organic vegetable soup? Soups and gaspachos are delicious!

    14,95 €
  • Sachet of banana seeds

    It?s possible to grow a banana plant in your home!

    4,50 €
  • Orange skull: a lawn of hell

    Teens will love this orange skull: a lawn of hell to brighten up any room in 3 to 5 days. Just sow the seeds in the skull cavity, water regularly and wait for hair to grow! A great gift for older kids!

    4,95 €
  • Spicy evening with hot pepper seeds

    Party gift to tell him or her how you feel! Diameter: 6 cm

    4,95 €
  • White ceramic pot, 8 cm, with edelweiss seeds

    The edelweiss is not restricted to the high altitudes of alpine peaks, it also grows well in low-lying areas. And surprisingly, it germinates easily with a little care. This planting kit and its pretty white ceramic pot, which matches the flower, is perfect for germinating and nurturing edelweiss. With subsequent repotting it can remain on your balcony...

    5,50 €
  • Edible Melilot seed pack

    Melilot flower seeds with recipe included

    4,50 €
  • 8cm White ceramic Strawberry pot

    A strawberry plant to grow at home. This decorative planting kit includes a white ceramic culture pot, coconut fibre earth, and strawberry seeds. Start seedling in the pot and then replant in the garden where it will continue to grow and produce strawberries for many years.

    5,50 €
  • Bag of coconut fibre, 1.5 kg

    Aerating growing medium for all plants.

    6,95 €
  • Vermiculite from Radis et Capucine

    Vermiculites are rock mineral deposits that are useful to gardeners and animal breeders. This 500 gr bag from Radis et Capucine can be used to lighten heavy clay soil and it allows air and water to reach plant roots more easily. Improves soil condition and is clean, light, and simple to use.

    497,55 €
  • Rustica 52-seed Garden Set

    A year of vegetables, herbs, and flowers with RUSTICA advice

    26,21 € 34,95 € -25%
  • Organic Button mushroom growing kit

    White Paris mushrooms ready to grow, with a fertiliser comprised of straw enriched with mycelium and a growing medium bag (compost). The carton has ventilation to allow for good gas exchange.

    19,95 €
  • Organic Paris mushroom growing kit

    White Paris mushrooms ready to grow, with a fertiliser comprised of straw enriched with mycelium and a growing medium bag (compost). The carton has ventilation to allow for good gas exchange.

    19,95 €

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You want to grow aromatic herbs or tomato on your balcony but don't really know where to start ?
Radis et Capucine have been making for more than 15 years growing pots and gardening kits for the whole family.


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