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All you need to make French-style butter with the authentic taste of butter produced on a farm in France. Kit includes traditional wooden mould and flavoured salt to season to your taste.

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It's great to enjoy your very own French style flavoured artisanal butter - and this kit gives you a DIY butter-making factory at home! Whether your preference is for butter flavoured with salt with Espelette pepper or salt with citrus dill, you will find classic French flavours in a kit that's essential for all who want to make gourmet butter in their own kitchens. There's a traditional real beech wood mould included and the kit allows for up to 1.2 kg of butter to be made.

Kit includes:

- Traditional mould in fluted oval beech (12 cm x 6.5 cm x 5 cm) with a construction that allows for fast release and no metal parts for added hygiene.
- 2 x 2.5 g packs of salt with added spices: comprising salt with organic Espelette pepper and salt with organic citrus dill
- 1 x 5 g packet of dill
- Greaseproof paper (25cm x 32 cm) to preserve the butter in a log shape
- 1m of unbleached linen twine to secure your butter logs
- 3 x 5 grams of lactic fermentation additives (can be kept, out of your fridge, for 6 months) to provide the taste of authentic farm butter

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