DIY Cheesemaking Kit: Ideal for Kids!

DIY Cheesemaking Kit: Ideal for Kids!

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Everything needed to make cheeses your own cheeses at home. You just require cows' milk and can produce professional quality DIY cheeses with this kit.

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Make your own delicious cheeses at home using this complete cheesemaking kit from Radis & Capucine. Spend time in the kitchen with your child and learn all about the professional art of cheesemaking. This complete kit contains two, professional quality moulds so you can create 250g cheeses for family and friends. The garlic and herbs spices and Bruschetta mix give you options for flavouring your cheeses to suit your preferences and you can use your cheese moulds again and again as they are fully machine washable.

Cheesemaking kit package : size - 24cm x 18cm x 10cm, printed in 4 colours
2 circular cheese moulds of a professional quality. Will produce cheeses with a weight of 250g. Moulds are reusable and machine washable
12 page booklet in full colour and containing photos with step by step recipe guidelines produced by (??? Sebastian Rome???)
3 x 2.5ml doses of natural French origin rennet
3 x 5g lactic acid ferments
3 5g packs of spices: garlic and herbs, and Bruschetta mix especially for children

Our advice:
Store the rennet and cultures in your refrigerator as soon as your cheesemaking kit is received. When cooled, they will last up to one year, so you can time your cheesemaking sessions to suit family needs.

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