Luxury DIY Kit for brewing 23 liters blonde Pils lager

Complete homebrew kit for blonde Pils lager :malt extract, demijohn, bottles, detergent capsules and all equipment

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Pack description

You cam make 20 litres of your own superb Pils lager at home with this complete kit from Radis & Capucine. You're provided with everything you need to start brewing your own beers, so if you want to learn the simple homebrew techniques needed to create top quality Continental lagers, this luxury homebrew kit will give you a great start.

If you enjoy the delicious tastes of different beers, brewing your own is an interesting hobby, providing you with a variety of beers to savour and drink within the comfort of your own home. This is a luxury blonde Pils lager, that's ideal for any beginner to the homebrew hobby as all equipment required is supplied with your kit, alongside complete instructions to help you produce fine blonde Pils lager at your first brewing attempt. Once you start brewing your own beers, you can order additional equipment and supplies as required.

Contents :
Malt extract for dilution, makes 20 litres of lager beer
19L Demijohn for high fermentation
Reusable supplies include: thermometer, hydrometer, complete instructions
Chemipro detergent sanitization tablets
24 75cl bottles for storage

Pack content

Pack of 6 beer bottles, 750 ml, with swing-top stopper.

6 bottles for home brew

6 brown bottles of 750 ml for home brew beer
Indispensable as the last step of the home brew fermentation process
With swing-top stoppers
Weight: 7 kgs

Choosing your home brew bottles

It's very important to choose the right home brew bottles.

Your beer will undergo fermentation, the yeast present produces CO2 (in addition to the alcohol) and this creates pressure. Don't use plastic bottles. Glass is better, ideally dark.

Choose glass bottles of sufficient thickness, with a capacity preferably greater than 50cl, to prevent your bottles erupting during the final fermentation.

Use bottles with wire swing-top stoppers, check that the rubber seal is clean and in good condition, and that the wire is undamaged. These can be re-used repeatedly.

Be careful not to underestimate the number of bottles you need before you start brewing:
7 litres of beer = 9 bottles of 75cl or 21 bottles of 33cl.
12 litres of beer = 16 bottles of 75cl or 36 bottles of 33cl.
20 litres of beer = 26 bottles of 75cl or 60 bottles of 33cl.

Make sure to sterilise all bottles before use, checking that they are perfectly clean, ideally at the last moment before bottling, to avoid contamination by micro-organisms between sterilising and filling.

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Brand: Radis et Capucine

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