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Organic salad rocket seeds, 50g, ready for DIY germination

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Want to grow your own salad rocket? This is possible with these organic seeds ready for germination!

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Discover the wonders of germination and the benefits of germinated seeds.

Organic salad rocket seeds ready for germination.

The salad plant Eruca sativa is probably better known as rocket, but also goes under a few other names as well, including arugula, roquette and colewort. This leafy green vegetable resembles an open lettuce with longer leaves. Since Roman times it has been known as an aphrodisiac, but today it is often innocently enjoyed in salads, to which it brings a certain piquant pungency. But have you ever tasted freshly sprouted rocket? Well, now you can thanks to this sachet of organic seeds from Radis et Capucine. You will find that the shoots are a little less peppery and sweeter than the mature greens.
On your toast, as an accompaniment to cheese, rocket shoots are both delicious and good for you, being full of vitamin C and rich in minerals and antioxidants.

Cultivation method
1. Put the seeds in a propagator designed for this purpose.
2. Fill the water hotbed.
3. Completely drain the hotbed; the water can be re-used.
4. Repeat daily until germination occurs.

The seeds should be eaten within 48 hours to be enjoyed at their best. After this they lose a little of their fresh flavour and their nutritional value also decreases.
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