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Germinate your own healthy and organic alfafa seeds: 50gr pack

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Discover sprouted alfalfa seeds vitamin for your meal!

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Alfafa sprouts have great nutritional value and you'll find it's surprisingly easy to germinate your own sprouts at home, following our simple guidelines. You can use your alfafa sprouts (Medicago sativa) in a range of dishes, including omelettes, rice dishes and sandwiches. Sprouts are healthy additions to any varied diet, these organic alfafa sprouts are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 and C.

Sprouting guidelines:

Put the seeds in a sprouting propagator or use a large glass jar
Fill the water hotbed of the propagator or add a few centimetres of cool water to the jar
Cover the propagator. Use cheesecloth fabric secured with a rubber band to cover your glass jar.
Leave seeds to soak overnight then drain off the water. Turning your glass jar upside down allows water to drain through the cheesecloth fabric.
Rinse the seeds daily in clean water and keep draining off the water until germination, which should take five to six days. After about three days the seeds produce white shoots and you will know the sprouts are fully germinated when they produce green tips.
The seeds should be eaten within 48 hours as they lose nutritional value after this time.

One packet of organic alfafa seeds to germinate at home
Brand: Radis et Capucine

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