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Organic Shiitake Mushroom Kit

Radis et Capucine Radis et Capucine


Grow your own organic shiitake mushrooms. The shiitake is the famous Japanese mushroom widely used in Asian cuisine and whose health benefits have been highlighted by the press. Slow ripening culture for harvest from February 2016

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Organic kit ready to grow Shiitake mushrooms

An edible mushroom native to East Asia, the shiitake is easy for the whole family to grow at home.

What is in the organic shiitake kit?

Growing medium pre-inoculated with the mycelium of Japanese shiitake mushrooms, supplied in a culture bag of 2.5 kg.
Bag has an integrated filter that allows oxygen to enter and facilitates the release of Co2.
Cardboard box with handle, a cut on the top is all that is necessary to start the culture process.
Printed in 4 colors on cardboard with ventilation hole.
Shiitake certified as organic by Agriculture Biologique, France?s national mark for organic products.
Instructions for use and recipe.
Format size 26 x 22 x 15 cm.

How to grow shiitake mushrooms at home

Cut the top of the box and the top of the plastic bag. Open the pre-cut sides and cut the plastic bag to the size of the opening. Spray water on the top and on the sides. Place in indirect light at a temperature between 15 and 20 ? C. The shiitake will grow when the fertilization of the substrate is complete (approximately mid-December). For a new crop after the first harvest, remove the bag from the carton, immerse it in a bucket of water overnight, wring the next day and resume normal cycle.
Brand: Radis et Capucine
Organic seeds or conventional seeds: Graines non bio
Recycled material: Le compost peut servir de terreau fertilisé pour votre jardin et la caissette isotherme et étanche de bac pour faire des semis
Assembling/Manufacturing: Impression
Difficulty: Assemblé en France, Recyclé/recyclable
Family: Vœux, Fête des mères, Fête des pères, Noël
Plant color: Gris foncé
Kind of plant Annuelle
Exposure: Ombre
Germination: 20 à 30 jours
Sowing period: Automne/Hiver/Printemps en intérieur
Sowing Period: De septembre à mars
Replanter Séminaire, Salon, Cadeau
Perfume: Verre

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