Plastic greenhouse for herbs and aromatic plants.

Plastic greenhouse for herbs and aromatic plants.

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Aromatic plants and herbs all summer, it's fast! Greenhouse with 6 pots (6cm) + earth + seeds.

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Herbs and aromatic plants in a plastic greenhouse.

Planting aromatic plants and herbs that will be ready to add extra flavour to your cooking all summer long is ideal and super easy! In this handy little plastic greenhouse, with its 6 culture pots, you'll be able to sow your organic* seeds. Here the seedlings will be able to grow and mature in the most favourable conditions of heat and humidity that will bring out the best in them. Indeed, this plastic greenhouse was specially designed so that your seeds can have everything they need for good germination. When the seedlings are a few cm high, you can then replant them into larger pots, where they will have room to flourish, and in a few months you will have delicious and aromatic herbs aplenty for the cooking pot.

Greenhouse of recycled PET plastic measuring 20 x 15 x 21.7 cm in height.
Six terracotta cultivation pots measuring 6 cm in diameter
Six desiccated coconut fibre pads ready to be rehydrated
Six organic* seeds: Common Parsley, Large Green Basil, Chives, Thyme, Dill and Chervil

* These seeds bear the French national logo for organic products; Agriculture Biologique. FR-BIO-01

Our advice:

To get the best out of this kit and use the 6 pots effectively: sew 2 varieties in 6 pots, replant these in larger pots or in the garden when ready and reuse the 6 jars for 2 new varieties.
Organic seeds or conventional seeds: Graines bio
Kind of plant Annuelle / Vivace
Difficulty: Débutant
Family: Aromatique
Replanter Nécessaire
Perfume: Parfumé
Brand: Radis et Capucine
Plant color: Verte
Height: 30 cm à 1,25 m
Exposure: Soleil
Sowing period: Toute l'année à l'intérieur
Germination: 8 à 12 jours
Flowering period: Juin-Juillet
Harvest Toute l'année à l'intérieur Mai à septembre à l’extérieur

DIY Garden, cooking and kchildren

You want to grow aromatic herbs or tomato on your balcony but don't really know where to start ?
Radis et Capucine have been making for more than 15 years growing pots and gardening kits for the whole family.


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