White Ceramic Pot with Dwarf Nasturtium Seeds to Germinate Expand

White Ceramic Pot with Dwarf Nasturtium Seeds to Germinate

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Germinate these Dwarf Nasturtium seeds in the white ceramic pot provided and enjoy cascades of colourful blooms throughout summer

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Edible nasturtium flowers are easy to germinate and grow in pots. Children will enjoy watching their seedlings thrive, and they should be germinated in a warm home. When the plants are few centimeters in height they should be transplanted into a larger pot, leaving just one, strong plant in the original white plant pot. This is an ideal table gift for weddings, it's easy to personalise each pot with small name sticker.

How to Grow:

Rehydrate the coconut growing pad in warm water, and crumble it between fingers.
Fill the pot with most of the growing matter, reserving a little. Plant and space the seeds in the soil.
Cover the seeds with the remainder of the growing material and pat down lightly.
Spray a fine stream of water onto the soil and keep the pot in a warm location, ideally around 18?C.
Once the seeds have germinated and the plants thriving, lift all but one out of the original pot and plant them in larger pots.
After 15 days, lift the plants again and pot them in bigger pots until May when they can be planted outside on balconies or patios, or direct into garden soil.

Our advice:

Nasturtium flowers and leaves are edible and have a slight peppery taste. They are ideal for using as garnish or seasoning with salads.


White ceramic pot, with a diameter of 8cm
Dehydrated coconut grow pad
Pack Dwarf Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus) seeds 'Tom Thumb'

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