White ceramic pot, 8 cm, with edelweiss seeds Expand

White ceramic pot, 8 cm, with edelweiss seeds

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The edelweiss is not restricted to the high altitudes of alpine peaks, it also grows well in low-lying areas. And surprisingly, it germinates easily with a little care. This planting kit and its pretty white ceramic pot, which matches the flower, is perfect for germinating and nurturing edelweiss. With subsequent repotting it can remain on your balcony for several years, especially if kept cool.

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A kit for growing edelweiss. This famous mountain flower is simple to cultivate. Enjoy it yourself or give it to a loved one as a special gift traditionally symbolising dedication. When the plants are a few centimetres high, simply transplant them to larger pots so they can be kept on your balcony, or put them in the garden. An ideal table gift for weddings, when personalised with a small sticker.

1 white ceramic pot, 6 cm in diameter
1 pad of dehydrated coconut fibre
1 sachet of edelweiss seeds

Cultivation method:
Rehydrate the coconut fibre pad, then break it up between your fingers and set a little aside.
Fill the pot and plant the seeds, spacing them evenly.
Cover with a thin layer of the coconut fibre you have set aside and tamp down lightly.
Water in a fine stream using a hand spray.
Keep at a temperature at or around 18?C.
After germination, select the healthiest looking plant to keep.
After 15 days, transplant into a larger pot and keep until May. Then place the potted plant out on the balcony or perhaps in the garden.

Our advice: rugged edelweiss naturally thrives in an alpine climate and enjoys cold temperatures. In winter, you can leave it outside on the balcony.

Kind of plant Vivace
Difficulty: Amateur
Family: Fleur
Replanter Nécessaire
Perfume: Non parfumé
Brand: Radis et Capucine
Plant color: Blanche
Height: 10-20 cm
Exposure: Soleil / Mi-ombre
Sowing period: Printemps / Automne
Germination: 15 à 20 jours
Flowering period: Juin
Synonyme Etoile des neiges
DDM/DLUO 12 mois
Se conserve au frais Non

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