Sachet of Canary Island date palm seeds

Sachet of Canary Island date palm seeds

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Canary Island palm tree: grow a piece of paradise at home!

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Sachet of Canary Island palm tree seeds

Collection of exotic plant seeds from around the world, ready to sow: Canary Palm

Here?s something for your home that will help to bring back your holiday memories of sunny beaches lapped by the azure seas of paradise. When you sow these Canary Island date palm seeds from Radis et Capucine you?ll grow a reminder of tropical days to warm you when it?s chilly! Although it?s symbolic of exotic destinations, the palm is not a tree in the botanical sense, but actually a giant herb. Its spreading, pinnate and lush leaves will bring to your home a breath of sunnier climes.

2 Canary palm (Phoenix canariensis) seeds,
Sachet 13 x 13 cm
Minimum germination: 70% of the seeds

Cultivation method:
Place the seeds in a plastic sachet containing sand or moist sawdust. Keep this closed and place it near to a heat source. After a few days or weeks, depending on the intensity of the heat, the first creamy white root tip will become visible as it pushes its way out of the seed. Transplant the seed into a pot filled with light soil. Keep the soil moist but not soaked (like a wet sponge lightly wrung out). The seed should be sown with the stripe uppermost (the leaf grows from the root and not from the seed). The palm will soon produce its first leaf.
Organic seeds or conventional seeds: Graines non bio
Sowing Period: All the year round indoors
Kind of plant Vivace
Difficulty: Amateur
Family: Plante d'intérieur
Replanter Nécessaire
Perfume: Non parfumé
Brand: Radis et Capucine
Plant color: Verte
Height: 12-18 m
Exposure: Soleil
Sowing period: Toute l'année en intérieur
Germination: 1 mois et plus
Synonyme Phoenix de Hyères

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