Pack of Mimosa pudica seeds to germinate. Grow your own sensitive plants and amaze friends!

Pack of Mimosa pudica seeds to germinate. Grow your own sensitive plants and amaze friends!

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Watch this magical plant move whenever it's touched!

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Our Mimosa pudica seeds are part of the Radis & Capucine collection of the world's most exotic trees and plants to grow at home. Mimosa pudica is also known as the sensitive, sleepy or shy plant because of the way the leaves fold in and close whenever it is touched.

Mimosa pudica is easy to grow indoors and it's a plant that's sure to amaze children and visitors, when they discover its secret defence system. The plant is native to Brazil and will reach a height of 40 cm, with a spread of 10cm. The plant's sensitivity is renowned, the leaves close when it's touched by a breath of air or human finger. This sensitivity is protection against the weather and herbivore predators. The leaves will open up again after a few moments and this reflex movement display is performed by motor cells in the plant which are located at the base of petioles and leaflets.

Bag of sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica) seeds, weighing 0.125g net
Bag size 13cm x 13cm

Cultivation method:
Soak the seeds for a few hours then sow in a tray or individual pots. Cover the seeds with a light layer of soil and use a hand sprayer to dampen the soil with a little water. Germination occurs within 15 to 20 days and the first two leaves on the plant will be reactive and sensitive. Keep your sensitive plants in a warm environment with a minimum temperature of 20? C and sow seeds annually for a constant display.
Organic seeds or conventional seeds: Graines non bio
Sowing Period: All the year round indoors
Kind of plant Vivace cultivé en annuelle
Difficulty: Débutant
Family: Fleur
Replanter Nécessaire
Perfume: Non parfumé
Brand: Radis et Capucine
Plant color: Verte-rose
Height: 30-80 cm
Exposure: Soleil / Mi-ombre
Sowing period: Toute l'année en intérieur
Germination: 10 à 12 jours
Flowering period: Mai
Synonyme Sensitive

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