Grow your own edible violet flowers with this pack of seeds Expand

Grow your own edible violet flowers with this pack of seeds

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Pack of violet seeds for decoration and culinary uses in the kitchen. Pretty, mauve violet flowers on these biennual plants provide a lovely splash of colour in gardens and on balconies

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Violets are pretty, little flowers and symbols of peace, humility, generosity and gentleness. This sachet of violet seeds is suited to amateur gardeners and what's more the fragrant blooms have edible petals that make decorative, purple additions to any summer salads. These Viola cornuta seeds will grow to a height of 15cm to 20cm and should be sown in spring and established in sun or semi-shaded positions for flowering the following year. This violet is a biennual, so needs to be established in garden soils or pots throughout winter for blooming the following year.

1 packet of violet (Viola cornuta) seeds, weighing 0.15gr
Pack size 13cm x 13cm, printed in four colours

Our advice:
You can create your own scented violet water by infusing 30g of these plants (leaves and flowers) in 1 litre of boiling water and leaving for 3 hours. Filter and keep your violet water cool in an opaque bottle, away from light sources. Your scented violet water has a number of uses around the home.

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