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Black gardener necklace with a stabilised plant

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Minimalist and easy to wear collar shaped necklace. A pleasant looking pendant with a 100% natural plant is integrated into the cavity, as an invitation to carry a little piece of nature around around with you, and look stylish doing it.

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49,00 €

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A piece of garden like costume jewellery with a cavity to accommodate green lichen. Intriguing, is it not?

What's in your handmade necklace?

Your gem:
- Original costume jewellery, registered design
- Adjustable leather neck of about 45 cm
- Pendant length 3 cm, clip in silver and nickel

The plant in your jewellery:

- Stabilised lichen requiring zero maintenance

Your designer jewellery case:

- Individual case
- Instructions for use

Which plants to use?

Fancy a necklace that you can customise as you wish? Why not be tempted by little white flowers, or lavender scented flowers that require no maintenance?

How to maintain your jewel?

No need to maintain it, plants are permanent and stable. They require no maintenance.

On which occasions can I wear it?

Wear it to a wedding for an evening, or just as a fun everyday item.

What to wear alongside this jewellery?

A colourful dress with an exposed neck would be perfect to show off the unique pendant.

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