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Live air plant pendant necklace, 75 cm

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An enchanting live pendant necklace that surprises everyone! The Tillandsia, the epiphytic plant that grows on trees without the need for soil. Hung about your neck this living creature is a thing of elegance and sophistication.

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The Tillandsia is an Amazonian plant that grows on trees and can live with just an occasional spray of water. Mounted on a necklace pendant, it becomes a unique designer accessory that will be the talk of all your friends.

What is your live air plant pendant necklace?
A unique fashion accessory:
Silver plated necklace, 75 cm, with 2 beads
Silver ball pendant, 24 mm in diameter
Tillandsia, a hardy living plant, fixed upside down

The live plant of your necklace:
Tillandsia air plant

The individual box of your natural necklace:
A wooden case to protect your plant.

Instructions for use:
How to maintain your pendant necklace air plant:
Spray with water every 2 weeks and leave in the light. A shelf near a window in your bathroom is fine. The humidity produced by your shower will be enough to keep it happy.

Service for your necklace:
Several renewals are possible for your live air plant necklace. Send it back to us and we will change your plant, charging a flat fee for postage.

What to wear with your live air plant necklace:
Ideally worn with a black or plain dress to enhance the pendant. Black pearls offer a perfect match.
You can complete your outfit with a silver ring adorned with lichen. Your unique air plant necklace will be a show-stopper!

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