Seeds of carnivorous plants in a pot for children Expand

Seeds of carnivorous plants in a pot for children

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Enjoy a new experience by growing carnivorous plants! Carnivorous plants attract and eat insects. Place the pot indoors, where the plant can have plenty of heat and humidity. Grow your carnivorous plant in your room and watch what it does to flies and spiders.

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Plant pot with carnivorous plant seeds.
The Venus flytrap is fascinating. This carnivorous plant attracts flies and other insects into its jaws, which then clamp shut in a tenth of a second. It can grow in nutrient-poor or acidic soil, such as in marshes and on land that has been scorched, but needs water and heat to thrive. It grows in spring and rests in winter as many plants do. To cultivate, cut a plastic bottle and turn it upside down to form a miniature cloche. This will concentrate the heat and humidity around the seeds.

Terracotta pot, 8 cm
Terracotta bowl, 8 cm
1 coconut fibre pad of 6 cm to be rehydrated in a little warm water
1 packet containing 10 seeds of Venus flytrap carnivorous plant seeds for sowing
Flashcode on the box that takes you to the Radis et Capucine e-mobile site for information on the cultivation of carnivorous plant, including tips, photos and videos.

Our advice:
In winter, if the Venus flytrap carnivorous plant?s leaves droop, don?t worry; it is resting and will return stronger in the spring. The Venus flytrap?s growth period is mainly in the spring until the arrival of winter (March to October). In winter it rests jaws down. It produces white flowers in late spring to early summer and its lifetime is approximately 20 years in natural conditions. The Venus flytrap is reproduced by cross-pollination, cuttings and tissue culture.
Organic seeds or conventional seeds: Graines non bio
Kind of plant Vivace
Difficulty: Amateur
Family: Curiosité végétale
Replanter Souhaitable mais pas nécessaire
Perfume: Non parfumé
Brand: Radis et Capucine
Plant color: Verte
Height: 10-15 cm
Exposure: Soleil / Mi-ombre
Sowing period: Toute l'année en intérieur
Germination: 4 à 6 semaines
Flowering period: Avril-mai

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