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DIY Cookery for Classrooms: Make your own Cheese

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Younger children are probably unaware just how milk becomes cheese, this living lesson for the classroom gives them awareness of lactic acids and the role of lactic fermentation in the cheese making process. This cheese making kit from Radis & Capucine does not require cold storage

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This kit provides everything necessary for schoolchildren to make their own fresh cheeses. Up to 30 kids will be able to create an individual cheese each, which can be spiced according to each child's preference. The cheese making kit from Radis & Capucine does not require cold storage and you just need to provide sufficient milk, following the recipe instructions provided.

Children can find out all about the cheese making process with this valuable kit, they will learn the basics from hands-on experience and the learning process in the classroom can be geared to suit ages and educational requirements.

30 x cheese moulds
15 x sachets of rennet
15 x sachets of lactic acid ferments (cultures)
1 bag of mixed spices from Alsace (known as mixture also called Flammekueche?) with a slightly salty flavour - 15g
2 bags of spices. especially flavoured for children (colourful mixture of poppy, orange, tomato, sesame and spring onions), without salt - 15g each
2 bags of Italian flavour spices (peppers, tomato, oregano, pepper and black olive), without salt - 15g each
12-page booklet including illustrations and step-by-step recipe
Brand: Radis et Capucine

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