Dwarf sunflower seeds for the school garden Expand

Dwarf sunflower seeds for the school garden

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Sunflower seeds in large lot for gardening at school. A great way to teach kids about nature.

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This versatile lot for gardening at school from Radis et Capucine is an inexpensive way to teach children about plants and growth. It contains 10 packs of dwarf sunflower seeds. Use one pot (minimum 15cm diameter) per child as the basis of kindergarten or primary school gardening projects. Sunflowers reach a height of about 20 cm and a width of 20 cm wide. Sow dwarf sunflower seeds in April 30 cm apart and 1 cm deep in rows. Alternatively, seeds can be sown in pots in March to start seedlings indoors. Let plants gradually get used to outdoor conditions over 1 to 2 weeks and plant outside when there is no longer a risk of frost.
- 10 seed packets 62x80 mm, 0.7 gr each of dwarf Sunflower seeds (Helianthus annuus, dwarf 'Sunspot').

Our advice:
Let heads dry in and fall over summer and scatter for birds in autumn to show children correct use for harvested seeds. Be sure to keep some back for planting the following year but be aware that germination is less likely compared with our bagged seeds.
Brand: Radis et Capucine
Organic seeds or conventional seeds: Graines bio
Printing: Impression chez un imprimeur certifié Imprim'Vert sur du papier issu de forêts gérées durablement avec des encres végétales et protégé par un vernis à l'eau sans solvant.
Recycled material: Produit Norme CE jeux jouets EN-71 ayant subis tous les tests d'agrément
Assembling/Manufacturing: Assemblage en Maine et Loire
Difficulty: Débutant
Synonyme Soleil
Family: Fleur
Plant color: Jaune
Height: 30-40 cm
Kind of plant Annuelle
Exposure: Soleil
Germination: 5 à 8 jours
Sowing period: Printemps
Sowing Period: Au printemps
Replanter Non nécessaire
Flowering period: Juin-juillet
Perfume: Sans

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You want to grow aromatic herbs or tomato on your balcony but don't really know where to start ?
Radis et Capucine have been making for more than 15 years growing pots and gardening kits for the whole family.


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