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Masses of Biodegradable Peat Pots for School, Preschool and Home Gardening Use

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Biodegradable culture pots, ideal for use in school and preschool gardening projects

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Order these biodegradable pots made from peat for school use to teach children the benefits of recycling and how pots of this nature with degrade naturally, over time when planted within the school garden soil. These 30 growing pots from Radise & Capucine are ideal for any school or nursery seed and plant growing project and can be planted direct into garden soil when seedlings reach desired heights and growth potential. The budget lot of culture pots are made from peat and 100 percent plant materials and we suggest that as soon as plants reach heights between 10cm and 20cm, these biodegradable culture pots are planted direct into gardens. These culture pots are ideal for teaching schoolchildren the benefits of recycling, in addition to the nature and science knowledge they gain via gardening projects.


30 culture pots fabricated from biodegradable peat and vegetable matter, size: H 85mm, diameter at the top 85mm, base diameter 50mm

Advice from Radise & Capucine:

When pots become dry during cultivation it's a sign the seedlings and plantlets need water. Maintain a wet, damp pot by adding a cup of water.
Brand: Radis et Capucine
Difficulty: Débutant
Sowing Period: All the year round

DIY Garden, cooking and kchildren

You want to grow aromatic herbs or tomato on your balcony but don't really know where to start ?
Radis et Capucine have been making for more than 15 years growing pots and gardening kits for the whole family.


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