Kitchen DIY kits

Welcome to our subcategory dedicated to dIY kitchen kits on Radis et Capucine. Here we celebrate the art of home cooking with a selection of kits to help you create your own culinary delights.

Discover the pleasure of homemade cheese making with our complete kits. Whether you are an experienced beginner or cheesemaker, our kits provide you with everything you need to create fresh and tasty cheese directly in your kitchen.

If you are an amateur of smoked flavors, our kits smoking house are made for you. They contain everything you need to turn your home into an artisanal smoker, allowing you to give a smoked touch to your meats, fish and cheese.

And for those who like to add a touch of piquant to their dishes, why not try our kits manufacture of house mustard ? With our easy to follow instructions, you can create your own mustard to accompany your favorite dishes.

Home Radis et Capucine, we believe in the importance of home cooking. Nos dIY kitchen kits are designed to help you discover the pleasure of creating your own food from scratch. Then why wait? Start your culinary journey with us today.