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Semencier français and manufacturer of custom seed bags and planting kits with seeds to sow for tourist and cultural sites, museums, theme parks, animal parks,...

We offer a wide range of ethical souvenirs in stock or customized to meet your needs.


Buy a gift made in France with seeds

Customization : Our seed bags and planting kits can be customized to the logo of your tourist site, with pictures of your historical gardens, animals of your zoo or attractions of your theme park.

Cheap souvenir gift : Kits to grow seeds that make sense to your activity and at economic prices that allow a resale between 5 and 10 euros to visitors, to ensure complementary sales to your shop

Seed selection : As a seedling, we offer a choice of more than 2000 varieties of seeds, all reproducible, flowers, aromas, officinals, simple vegetables, as well as exotic plants and tree seeds. You can choose the seeds that best match the planting of your tourist site.

environmentally friendly gifts

Chargé de sens : Each seed bag and planting kit is an invitation to connect with nature and participate in the preservation of our environment. By offering and sowing these seeds, visitors contribute to biodiversity and create a personal link with your tourist site.

Useful for the environment : Plants play a crucial role in our ecosystem. They produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, provide wildlife habitat, feed pollinators and contribute to soil health. By offering memories that promote planting, you promote a healthier and more sustainable environment.

gifts assembled in Angers

Support for local employment : Our products are assembled in Angers, France. By choosing our seeds-based souvenir gifts, you support local employment. In addition, by promoting local products, we reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing transport distances.

Flexible quantities : Whether you need a few bags for an event or thousands, we can meet your needs. We customize from 1000 ex to your name and have over 150 other products in stock available for parceling within a week.

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