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Manufacturer of custom planting kits for 25 years in the name of the company and certified seed bag manufacturer of quality seed bags, We are proud to offer personalized business gifts, adapted to the communication of your advertisers.

ChoosePromoseeds for gifts that leave a lasting impression, while preserving our precious planet.t


How do I communicate with the plant?

Custom seed bags

To grow vegetables, flowers, aromas or trees to show the advertiser’s commitment to sustainability and nature.

Planting kits

Contains pot, earth and seeds. The packaging can be customized with the company’s logo and message, to encourage recipients to interact with nature.

Tree plants to be replanted

Carbon well shaft plant to replant, to contribute to reforestation and the fight against climate change.

A Made in France gift supplier for your CSR communications

Why choose plant business gifts and “Made in France” to support a CSR communication is essential today for advertisers?

Positive image of the plant: plant keeps consumers a much more positive image than plastic (gourdes) or technological products imported from Asia

Support to the local economy: By choosing products manufactured in France, you support local manufacturers, help create jobs and stimulate the local economy.

Superior quality: “Made in France” products are associated with superior quality. As a pro seedling and expert of the plant, we will be able to offer you seeds that grow and plants adapted to your communication.

Reduced environmental impact: The products produced locally have a lower carbon footprint, as they require less transport. This aligns with the sustainability objectives of the CSR. Tomorrow, all companies will have to justify the carbon footprint of their business gifts. Start today to support Made in France gifts

Valorisation of the brand image: The gifts “Made in France” improve the brand image of a company, showing your commitment to quality, sustainability and support to the local economy.

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