Cultivating vegetables, flowers and spices
pot in town

Urban gardening is not only for those who have the chance to have a garden. Thanks to products Radis et Capucine, everyone can enjoy the joys of plant culture, even in urban areas. Here is why and how it is possible to grow vegetables, flowers and potato flavours in town.

Why is urban gardening possible?

Learn more Pot culture offers great flexibility for urban gardening. It allows to cultivate a wide variety of plants in restricted areas, such as a balcony, a terrace or even a window edge. In addition, it makes it easier to control the growth conditions of your plants. You can choose the type of land (add amendments), the sun exposure (move your pots depending on the sun) and the watering that best suits each plant.

How to grow plants in pot with Radis et Capucine for urban gardening?

  1. 1. Choose your culture pot Radis et Capucine : Our culture pots are specially designed for indoor and outdoor culture. They are assembled in France and contain everything you need to start gardening. Depending on your budget, you have all the sizes. Careful, the bigger the pot and the bigger the plant.
  2. 2. Prepare the earth: Our crop pots contain fertilized soil, ready for use. Just humidify it slightly before starting to sow. Radis et Capucine also uses dehydrated coconut soil. It can contain 5 times its water volume. Put it in a bowl with warm water and you will see it is magical!
  3. 3. Sow your seeds: Our products contain reproducible germinative seeds, most often biological. It is enough to spread them evenly on the surface of the wet earth and to sink them a little to germinate.
  4. 4. Water regularly: Pot plants need regular watering to develop. Be sure to keep the soil wet, but not debridled, a little like a sponge sponge.
  5. 5. Enjoy your harvest: With a little patience and care, you will soon see your plants grow and enjoy your own vegetables, flowers and aromas. Good tasting

What contains the seed mix of planting kits with flowers for bees?

A mixture of annual and lively flowers, which will naturally re-semer from year to year. More than a dozen other flowers, from the stuffing, the hull, the lavender, the phacélie and more.