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By choosing Radis et Capucine, you support local employment and contribute to a meaningful gift

Our planting kits educate the environment and serve as educational toys for children, allowing a fun discovery of nature.

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Manufacturer of kits for 25 years for shops and communication companies,
we are committed to providing quality gifts that will contribute to the preservation of our environment

Contact us today to sell our seed bags and planting kits with seeds,
assembled in France and useful for the environment.

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Give a gift with seeds

Customization: Our seed bags and planting kits can be customized to the logo of your tourist site, with pictures of your historical gardens, animals of your zoo or attractions of your theme park

Cheap souvenir gift : Kits to grow seeds that remind your garden or zoo have economic prices that allow visitors to resale between 5 and 10 euros, to ensure complementary sales to your shop

Seed selection : As a seedling, we offer a choice of more than 2000 varieties of seeds, all reproducible, flowers, aromas, officinals, simple vegetables, as well as exotic plants and tree seeds. You can choose the seeds that best match the planting of your tourist site.

...respectful of the environment

Chargé de sens : Each seed bag and planting kit is an invitation to connect with nature and participate in the preservation of our environment. By offering and sowing these seeds, visitors contribute to biodiversity and create a personal link with your tourist site.

Useful for the environment : Plants play a crucial role in our ecosystem. They produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, provide wildlife habitat, feed pollinators and contribute to soil health. By offering memories that promote planting, you promote a healthier and more sustainable environment.

...and local ?

Support for local employment : All our products are assembled in Angers, France. By choosing our seeds-based souvenir gifts, you support local employment. In addition, by promoting local products, we reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing transport distances.

Flexible quantities : Whether you need a few bags for an event or thousands for a resale in store, we can meet your needs. We customize from 1000 ex to your name and have over 150 other products in stock available for parceling within a week.


Department Promoseeds - Company Radis et Capucine

The signature of this quotation is a firm commitment of the order.

Product designation

The products stand out with a unique reference and are offered with standard packaging. Any specific packaging will be subject to a quote.


The seed provided is guaranteed for germination and purity according to the legislation (FIS and GNIS standards) and germinations vary by variety. RADIS AND CAPUCINE cannot be held responsible for the result after germination. In the event of a dispute, only an official certificate of purity and germination issued by the Seeds National Station (SNES) will be held.


Our advice, suggestions, vegetal cycles, cooking recipes, manufacturing processes are offered for information purposes only, they are the result of our observations and our experience. They could not constitute contractual commitments or provide performance guarantees.

Intellectual protection

Our models are models deposited at the INPI. Any reproduction or copy is prohibited under penalty of prosecution.

Sale price

- Products on stock : Prices are shown on the websites (including VAT) and and HT for Prices are determined by season (from 1 January to end July and from 15 August to end December). In case of higher raw materials, Radis et Capucine reserves the right to modify its selling prices without notice.

- Custom or tailor-made products: Offer on a valid quotation 1 month, beyond, consult us. The technical fees for customization of the graphic studio include the sending of matrices, modes of cultures and legal mentions, the resumption and verification of your personalization elements.

  • > The printing material is supplied by us on receipt of your order confirmation.
  • ✱ Graphic composition made by your care otherwise Graphic design package : 50 € HT per hour - 1/2 day 200 € - 1 day 380 € - 2 days 750 euros.
  • > For all offset printing a validated colour proof with stamp and signature must be provided by the customer. Otherwise, Radis et Capucine is discharged from any liability for respect for chromy.
  • ‡ Test not required for digital printing

Control regime


The signature of the offer is a firm commitment to order from the buyer. Except as special and written agreements, any order shall take full right from the buyer, its accession to our general terms and conditions of sale, notwithstanding any contrary stipulation contained in its own general terms and conditions of purchase.

Orders that are sent directly to us by our customers or are transmitted by our agents or representatives only bind our house when confirmed in writing.

The order confirmation specifies the product description, the unit price HT, the applicable VAT, the quantity, the parcel, the possible discount %, the requested delivery date, the regulations.

Without comments from the buyer, the order confirmation and all its terms are deemed accepted.

Any deliveries of products that are impaired, unless otherwise notified, acceptance of reproduction of the model and logotype in the commercial prints of our company.


In the event of a change of order, the amounts incurred and not cancelled are due by the customer.

In case of order cancellation before preparation and shipment of the order:

  • Result for products in stock : possible cancellation
  • Result for custom manufactures: billing of costs incurred and non-reusable perishable materials. The deposit paid is not returned.

Processing time

It depends on the current order book, the date of receipt of the order and the stock of the products. It cannot be less than 10 working days for products on stock and 3 weeks validation date for custom products and is confirmed on the order form. Products in the catalogue are available until stocks are exhausted.

Regulation dpt. Promoseeds. A 30% deposit to the order, the balance to 30 days, by transfer, subject to acceptance by our credit insurance company. The order will be processed after depositing. If denial of credit coverage: 50% on order, the balance cashed before departure. The maximum payment period is 45 days at the end of the month after the invoice date when it is stipulated by contract and does not constitute a manifest abuse against us.

Reserve of property

The goods delivered remain our property until the full payment of the invoice (Law of 25/01/85).

Interest in delay (Art L.441-10, : Any delay in payments shall result in the payment of late interest to the floor rate of 3 times the rate of legal interest in effect. In the event of a delay in payment, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel the current orders without prejudice to any other appeal.

Termination: The non-payment of a maturity will result in the overpayment of the entire debt without further notice

Lump-sum compensation (Art. L.441-10, : If the recovery of the debt leads to the intervention of our litigation department, the service is temporarily increased to a minimum of 40 euros or 10% on all amounts due, to cover the litigation costs.


- Reception suppliers: In French purchases, the supplier is responsible for the correct delivery and compliance of delivery time up to Radis et Capucine. In ex works purchases, Radis et Capucine mandate a carrier to the supplier that makes available the lost goods, packagings and pallets.

- Customer delivery: On sale Franco, Radis et Capucine is responsible for the correct delivery to the delivery address. A Franco delivery is defined in metropolitan France (excluding islands and DOM TOM), with a minimum order, a single address and once, on lost pallet. Any other request for delivery is made on a quote and the use of a European pallet will be made on a principle of exchange.

If all or part of the delivery address is incorrect, Radis et Capucine cannot be held liable for delay in the delivery time of the ordered product and the consequences on the condition of the products received by the recipient, especially in the case of live plants.

Print tolerance: The conditions of the graphic industry are applied and a print tolerance is allowed for delivery: +/- 5%.

Major force: In the event of a major force or a loss, delivery can be shifted over time or cancelled and refunded.

Return of products

- Claim: Upon receipt, the products must be unpacked and checked. The mention “subject to unpacking” is not accepted. Any claim must be made within 5 days after receipt of the goods. Except for plants, this period is 2 days free. The amount of the claim will in no case be greater than the amount of the order.

- Non-compliance: broken, defective products are replaced by an equivalent product. An incomplete or obsolete product is the subject of reference to our expenses of the deficient material.

- Election of domicile and jurisdiction: The election of domicile is made by the company

Radis et Capucine SAS – 42 Rue des Perreyeux – ZA du Cormier – BP 50116 – 49803 Trélazé Cedex

Siret : 32387333100033 - VAT: FR08323873331 at its head office. In the event of a dispute relating to the performance of a contract of sale or the payment of the price, as well as in the case of a dispute relating to the interpretation or execution of the above clauses and conditions, the Angers Trade Tribunal shall be comprehended only in any place of delivery, the method of payment accepted and even in the case of a guarantee or plurality of the defendant