Poids en verre fromage et lacto fermentation

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Indispensable for your home cheese and fermented vegetable jars

This transparent glass pusher will be your ideal and reusable accessory for all your molds and jars.
Diameter 8 cm, height 2.5 cm, enters all the jars.
Machine washable

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How to make fermented vegetables?

Cut organic vegetables with skin still present at 1/3. If the pieces are large salted at 3% of the weight, if the pieces are too small used a brine with boiled water at 2%. Put in a jar with joint and press with a pilon to remove the maximum oxygen. Close the jar by placing the weight above the vegetables. Close and let close at room temperature on a cup for minimum 3 weeks. At the opening, consume within 2 weeks and keep in the fridge.

How to use weight in cheese making?

When your milk will be curled (after having ferments for 2 hours then Presure for 12 hours, at room temperature), you will filter it in a cheese mold. By gravity, without pressing. At the end of a moment, you will need a glass weight to press without straining milk and finishing the drain.

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