Vivarium Discovery roots and lombrics

Vivarium Discovery roots and lombrics

Make an educational and entertaining experience with our vivarium Discover roots and lombrics. Designed especially for children, this vivarium offers fun exploration of the underground world. Observing the roots of plants and lombrics at work, children discover the wonders of nature in an interactive and educational way.

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Dive into the captivating universe of biology and ecology with our vivarium "Discover Racines and Lombrics", designed to offer children an enriching and playful experience. This superior quality vivarium creates an optimal environment for observing roots growth and discovering the essential role of lombrics in the ecosystem.

Commitment to quality and sustainability

Home Radis et Capucine, we undertake to provide gardening products of the highest quality. The "Découverte Racines and Lombrics" vivarium is assembled in France, guaranteeing careful production and conforming to the strictest quality standards. The included reproducible seeds allow you to grow and observe the evolution of your domestic ecosystem over the long term.

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