Box 52 bags of seeds

Explore the 52 Sachets of Reproducible Seeds and live a whole year of exciting gardening! This box includes a variety of seeds of unusual vegetables, old tomatoes, aromatics and flowers, along with detailed guides for each variety. Perfect for all gardening levels, this box is an ideal gift for discovering and savouring the captivating world of gardening.

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Discover the 52 reproducible seed bags for a year of gardening

Offer or offer your loved ones this beautiful box for lovers of the garden or those who aspire to discover this green world. With 52 sachets of reproducible seeds, this box is accompanied by 4 culture guides written by our garden expert. Whether you are a novice or a passionate person, let yourself be guided step by step in this enriching botanical adventure.

Whether you're an enthusiastic beginner or a seasoned gardener, the 52 Sachets of Reproductible Seeds invites you to cultivate a flourishing and diverse garden. Explore, learn and share the pleasure of seeing your plants grow and thrive under your careful care. It is the perfect gift to feed your passion for gardening and create a garden that blooms successfully season after season.

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